Floodlighting Information for ATC Members & Pay & Play visitors

Members & Pay&Play visitors can purchase floodlighting tokens from The Black Boys pub in the centre of Aylsham.  Each token currently costs £3 and provides 30 minutes of lighting for ONE court.  To switch on the floodlights, you will need to unlock the Club Hut (which has the same lock as the gate to the courts) and insert the token(s) into one of the four numbered meters.  NB Court 4 is the one nearest the Club Hut.  You may insert more than one token at a time.  Please note that once inserted, the token(s) cannot be returned.

Indicator Lights on Floodlighting Posts
Please be aware that indicator lights will show on the floodlighting posts five minutes prior to the floodlights turning off.  If you wish to continue your game under floodlights, you will need to insert an additional token BEFORE the indicator lights turns off. Failure to do so will result in the floodlights turning off and then remaining shut down for a 15 minute "cool down" period before they can be turned on again.  However, you may be able to continue your game under floodlights on another available court.

Floodlighting from 15:00 - 22:00
Please note that the floodlights can only be activated between 15:00 and 22:00.  Therefore a token inserted at 21:45 will light the selected court until 22:00 and the remaining 15 minutes of "juice" will light the court from 15:00 to 15:15 the following day.

Limited lighting on the Recreation Ground.
Please note that the Recreation Ground car park and path leading to the courts are not lit.  It is highly recommended that you bring a torch.

The cost of the tokens reflect the price of the electricity, standing charges and the replacement of other items such as light bulbs.  The cost of the tokens may go up depending upon cost increases in respect of the above.

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